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Our Nation is in Crisis


We Need God's Help

Watch the full version of the In God We Trust Prayer Gathering at Freedom Hall, from the 2022 National Farm Machinery Show

Angus Buchan's message to the 2022 In God We Trust Prayer Gathering at Freedom Hall - Louisville, KY


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Our country has been through turmoil and difficult times where challenges seem overwhelming and hope is elusive. With every adversity and problem in our lives we have two options; Complain and lose heart, OR Trust God and Pray Together! We believe God hears and answers our prayers.
Farmers and Agribusiness stewards from across this country will be coming to the National Farm Machinery Show, Feb 16-19, 2022. We are inviting everyone to join this historic event on Friday Feb 18, 2022 where we plan to gather thousands of our nation’s farm community for the follow purpose:  

1. Honor God 

2. To Pray

3. Raise Money for Disaster Releif  

3. Thank Him for the harvest, and

4. To ask that He would heal our land! 2 Chron. 7:14

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Angus Buchan a farmer/evangelist from the "Faith Like Potatoes" movie and Greg Peterson from the Peterson Farm Brothers will be addressing the group and leading us in prayer.  There will be a testimony from a Kentucky Farmer that was a victim of the tornado.  Hear from one of the Haiti Hostages and the miracle God did to help them escape.  Then we have the former US Secretary of Ag, Sonny Perdue, to open us up in prayer.  During the event we will give people an opportunity to donate to Samaritan's Purse and Franklin Graham will tell us about the work they are doing for the Tornado Victims in Kentucky.  Doors will open at 7 AM and there wil be great music.

(Keep an eye on the website for updates on who will be at the gathering).

By the way...if you ask God who the most important person at the gathering is...we believe that He would say it was you!

God created us for the purpose of a relationship with Him.  And although He promised to always be with us, check out what Jesus says in Matt. 18:19-20:

 “I also tell you this—if two of you agree down here on earth concerning anything you ask for, my Father in heaven will do it for you.  For where two or three gather together because they are mine, I will be right there among them.”

The Making of a Man

Check out this short video from a great farmer (and our speaker) from South Africa that wrote a book about his life and journey to faith titled "Faith Like Potatoes" that was made into an excellent movie.

Highly Recommended App

(With daily devotionals for Farmers and you can watch the complete Making of a Man series)

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If 1.4 million people gathered in South Africa for a Massive National Day of Prayer in 2017, surely it's time for us to fill up Freedom Hall with 12,000
to honor God


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