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Take the PTL Challenge

Help spread the word quickly and join 1 Milllion in prayer on Feb, 18, 2022


"P" Pray before during and after Feb. 18th

"T" Text a personal invitation to a minimum of 10 friends

and post on your social media.

"L" Live join us live or online at this link

The PTL Challenge is easy and can take less than 5 minutes:

1. Save 1 or more of the 3 images below by taking a screen shot

2. Post it on your Facebook or Instagram

3. Pick at least 10 friends and family on your phone

4. Text them the invite photo you saved and put something simple in the text, like below (you can copy and paste if you like):


Thanks for being a great friend.  I want to invite you to join me and millions all over the world to take this PTL Challenge.  We are declaring Feb. 18, 2022 Global Agriculture Day of Prayer! You can learn more at

Then text me back after you have sent this to at least 10 of your friends.  Thanks and have a fantastic day!

_Global Agriculture Day of Prayer invite and PTL Challenge V2 (2).png
PTL Challenge 2 PNG.png
GADOP 3.jpg
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